Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Terminator Tuesday... Im back!

Six Years! 

Gosh... well, to bring you all bang up to date...

I have been juggling family illness, business and home but all the while using my business as a cathartic release and making it grow.

I have made a lovely friend of Emma, from Rebel Crafts and now share a workshop called The Loft Room where we make our products and sell them at places such as The Wealden Times Fair and on line... Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.

Do check Rebel Crafts out, she's an amazing crafter! REBEL CRAFTS WEBSITE

Also, I have started to hold courses and workshops in many crafts activities for adults and children and in the position to expand that this year.

A favourite was a felt holly Christmas wreath, all easy hand sewing but as you can see from the result below, it made a lovely decoration. So much so, my daughter ( who's now 9!!) stole it for her bedroom door.

My hand painted boxes are proving, not only a joy to create but successful too! For Christmas Eve, baby keepsakes and weddings.

Below you will see a card/telegram box designed to match. the happy couples invitation.

One even went to America which you can see had a beautiful "Fall" theme with Carla lillies. 

Another string to my bow has been creating props and designing and making Christmas grottos for local cafes and schools!

Commissions have also come my way for artwork and paintings... below are some roses which are in acrylics on canvas.

Back to my prop design and window dressing days of college, I delved deep to create giant cupcakes over 2ft tall for a Candyland grotto as well as a Fairy Mountain and a room with scenes from Frozen.

Not only that... but spooky tomb stones for a Halloween disco!

All in all, I have been well, apart from having an organ removed, and creative and my children are happy and thriving!

Sadly, I lost my beloved Mum, something only someone that been through loosing a parent may understand, but its a struggle to deal with.

Every day and many achievements lead me to the phone to immediately announce to her, then I realise... even now after 3 years, she isn't there. But I do look up, close my eyes and say it ooutloud in side and use the wifi of the heavens to get the news to her.

I know she's with me always!

Thats it, in a tiny nut shell... 6 years! But I promise to regularly write and motivate.

Happy Tuesday! x


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Where it all started

Where it all started
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